About Us

Michael & Tamera Danforth

Founder of MTI

The Mountain of the Lord’s house is an eternal government of love that is destined to rule over every mountain(kingdom) in the world. We believe this same glorious intent will be fulfilled to the fullest extent possible. It is our belief that all nations (all people) will enter into this eventual heavenly government.

This is our destiny. We are first, sons and daughters of God, friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord. Our goal is to be conformed to his image and likeness, thus reaching the highest mark, which is to manifest the love of the Father’s heart toward all creation.

We believe in a glorious future, one of which will manifest the finale appearing of Jesus Christ in his people. We are highly motivated to fundamentally and supernaturally equip all tribes and nations to govern their own lives according to the desire of heaven working in them.

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10:00 AM — 9:30 PM


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